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Weekly Update (11/9/2020)

Some reminders as we go into our eleventh week of school. Here is this week’s agenda! This is our first full week of Quarter 2! We will be starting off the week with creating models of the sun using household materials (we did not get to this last week, instead of cramming material I simply pushed it back). If your student cannot find any materials and/or there is an issue with obtaining materials, just reach out to me and I can arrange a material pick up from the school! There are rubrics to how they will be graded on these models and they are expected to present their models via a recording of themselves on Flipgrid. They will have all day Monday & Tuesday to work on it. Their projects and video recordings are due as of now on Wednesday, November 11th. The end of the week will focus on how the Earth formed and the structures of it. If you ever have any questions on what we are doing in class or the relevance feel free to reach out to me! As always, if your child is struggling with any of the content, please contact me! I am here to help and can reteach anything they are struggling with. I am more than willing to set up one on one Zoom sessions to help students in need. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! 

Jami Steffen

Middle School Science Teacher