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Weekly Update (11/9/2020)

Some reminders as we go into our eleventh week of school. Here is this week’s agenda! This is our first full week of Quarter 2! We are going to start off the week practicing building compounds in an online simulation. Later on in the week, students will be building their own compound molecules at home with materials found around the house (this will be a SUMMATIVE assignment). This project will be due on Friday at the end of the day. They will have time during class to build their models and to create a Flipgrid (video) where they will explain their model in detail. There are rubrics on how they will be scored on their handouts. Finally, Friday we will be working on another CER (claim, evidence, reasoning) where students will analyze a text, create a claim from the text and use evidence and reasoning to support their claim. If you ever have any questions on what we are doing in class or the relevance feel free to reach out to me! As always, if your child is struggling with any of the content, please contact me! I am here to help and can reteach anything they are struggling with. I am more than willing to set up one on one Zoom sessions to help students in need. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! 

Jami Steffen

Middle School Science Teacher